My hobby- collecting historic postcards

I have discoved this ‘addiction’ a long time ago when I was still living at home. In my town, there is a beautiful castle overlooking the river. Just something amazing.Everybody who comes to visit me is a bit shocked how elegant the castle is. I used to go quite often to second hand book stores to buy the books, not only they’re cheap but most of the books were so old and never re-published. That’s why they were so unique to me. In one of the visits  in the small shop I discovered a large cardboard full of historic postcards. My eyes started clicking from side to side and suddenly I knew that! I started to collect the postcards of my town.

Here are some postcards I managed to buy from different sellers.

This is my town someday in 1921.There’s a very colorful field in front.Today, there’s a footbal stadium over there. I bought this postcard from the collector in USA.

A similar view from the north side. The addressee was from Germany and the text was also in German. The postcard is from 1916.How cool! I bought this one from the chap based in Israel.

That’s another amazing thing. Somethimes I’m thinking  How were the postcards travelling over the time along the owners all around the world, it is not just incredible?

I bought many of those postcards on Amazon . If you want to find some cards of your town just click on the Amazon site and type the name of your town:AMAZON

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