The way back to the house

On the way back home I walked along the sea, it was Friday and was  getting dark soon. Suddenly, on the beach, where children usually play soccer , I saw a long queue. The lineled to the sea. Take a look:

I stopped and took my camera with me. I slowly walked on the hot sand and almost tripped on a green fishing net. When I got closer, I suddenly stopped. Something noisy was fanning the water :

There  was a large tank on the car into which fishermen sprinkled the ice and then brought  up fish from the nets. So I stood and watched. Everybody has ignored me. There was many watchers like me. Then I stood in the line.

But soon I got tired of it. Someone explained to me that when the fishermen are returning from the sea ,they give away some small fish which is hard to sell. I did not want to wait, because there were some  hungry men already waiting:-).Once again, I looked around the big something and went back home. I felt like eating fish!

Cool pickup:

A brilliant catch:

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2 Responses to The way back to the house

  1. peiterry says:

    Great post and great blog. I have photos of the kids playing soccer. Oman is one of my favourite countries and hope to return in the next 12 – 18 months. Thanks for reblogging my post ‘Wonders of Wadi Rum”. I look forward to following your blog.

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