A donkey’s life

Everybody has noticed the amount of wild animals gathering around the rounds or just pasturing all around.I can’t stop laughing on the way to Sifah when crossing the small village called Al Khayran and watching all the goats scratching themselves towards the walls, standing on the top of the cars or eating plastic bottles directly from the bins. What I like the most are beautiful animals, donkeys. You can see them all the way around, especcialy on the way to mentioned village Sifah. Once, we were coming back to Muscat, suddenly we had to stop. One of them was crossing the road.

He was a bit injured.One of his legs was probably broken but fortunately he managed to walk. Then the 2 others came and run.

The donkeys are very nice and sociable animals, always looking with curiosity at the visitors passing by.

When I was taking the pictures I sat down on a large stone I tried not to move. Quickly they  lost the interest in me and didn’t mind me anymore.

They stared at me and I stared at them.

Please do respect the wild animals when watching them. We are the intruders in their natural environment.

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