Pets in Muscat

We had a dilemma before arriving to Oman. To bring or not to bring a dog here. He heart terrible stories about wadi dogs attacking the people and the no places for pets in the parks or the beaches. The truth is Oman is not the best country to keep your dog or a cat. The main problem is the heat.Our Labrador is kept all the time inside, sleeping most of the day below air conditioning and gets ready for some walk usually during the evenings. The place we live is good enough to bring here for a wolk or even leave her running for a while.This is however a luxury in Muscat.There’s no place such as public park where you can walk the dog. Your only place is your garden or the street. Officially the dogs are not allowed on the beaches but if do so please respect the other people and collect the litter!

Just to mention Omani people(and general public alike) are usually scared of the dogs so be aware of that. Never leave the dog running on the place where it could be with a contact with the other people or possibly injure somebody else.

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  1. Dogs and cats are extremely expensive in Muscat, many are imported.

    The pet shops though are really impressive with the animals being well-cared for.

    There are no ‘no-dog’ signs on beaches and there is a lot of ‘space’ to walk animals as Muscat is not over-crowded.

    Many children are encouraged to have unusual pets like baby green turtles which are about the size of your thumb and easy to care for.

    There are many homeless dogs and cats who are left alone and not monitored or neutered as is customary in other parts of the world with large animal organisations such as SPCA.

  2. Tina says:

    I’m very disappointed with Muscat when it comes to no facilties for dogs. Although I understand that in their culture, dogs are considered being dirty animals, they should also try and accommodate many foreigners who bring their dogs with them by at least providing areas for dogs to walk and run around. I have wanted to adopt a puppy recently but after a lots of consideration, I have decided against it. I live in MQ and there’s nowhere to walk the dog unless you choose the dusty and dirty streets around. Forget about letting the dog off the leash even on the beach. We let her run on a quite secluded beach, and one man threw a stone on her and she was just running around.We have searched for a park or any grassy area in Muscat, the result, none are available. Apart from the heat here, this would be one of the main reasons whilst I would not consider staying here for a long time, What’s the alternative? Buying a expensive house with a small paved area to call it a garden? No, thank you very much.

  3. Hey there, I saw this article and it was quite encouraging, however i was wondering if you could help me a little? I have 2 little Pugs who are Family for me. The male one was rescued in Bali and the other one was bought in India – however I am now required to be in Muscat for the next two years and I am having a hard time decide if flying them to Muscat would be safe? Although the flight is no more than 3 hours long but I have heard such horrifying things about the way dogs are treated and i don’t know if it’s true but they say there are chances they don’t make it ? They arrive dead? I am so worried about all that, along with the supposed 10 day long “Quarantine” period?
    Since you have brought your pet to Muscat, I thought you could maybe assist me with the information? Or should i just not get my pets there and leave them with someone in India and just adopt one there or buy a cat instead or something? 😦 Please Help ??

    • roman says:


      You can import your pets,indeed.Just make sure you keep them in appropriate place and your landlord allows you to keep your dobs in.
      I would strongly recommend you to check the legislation regarding importing the dogs to Oman before you travel.Do you know you need a import permit from Ministry of Agriculture before you come?not to mention the proper vaccinations too.If you need an assistance ,I may help you.

      • Oh, I had no idea about all that. I shall definitely look into it. However I would be in Muscat only for 2 years, at the most 3 – so Would you suggest it’d be wise to get my dogs or should i leave them with a relative and i’d be making trips back to see them every 4 to 5 months anyway? I am just very worried about their well-being and if its safe for them to travel considering their breed and age.

  4. animal lover says:

    i really really waant a hamster any ideas where they sell hamsters in muscat ?

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