Cost of living in Oman (housing)

Last time I was writing about the food cost in Oman.Now I want to explain the accommodation situation in Muscat.Depending on your contract you may or not be offered the accommodation. In most cases occidentals are given the house(in company compounds). If not you’ll be given allowances to cover your cost. Now the question is how much is the rent? What location?

Firstly you need to know where you want to live. A good starting point a map, I use a lot of Wikimapia which  helps me also to find the orientation points around the place I want to go to. By now you’ve realized Muscat is divided into old and new, modern part of the city. Where most of expats live are areas like MQ, Qurm, Al Khuwair, Bawsar or Wave. As in every city the rent  depends mainly on the location. My personal experience is that in the above areas you can expect to pay for standard 3 bed house with small(or patio) anything between R.O 800-1500. The further areas you go(direction to Barka) the less you pay. As the city grows the new districts alike and many expats now live in more quit areas.

Cost of living in Oman 2013 is now available at LULU:

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