During the lunch break

There are millions of way how you can spend your lunch break. You have your lunch, your drink, perhaps cup of coffee and then…then you go back to routine.

Look at the gentlemen in the picture below. They certainly know how to enjoy their lunchtime.siesta time in Oman

siesta time in Muscat


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6 Responses to During the lunch break

  1. amesforster says:

    Ahhh! A lot of manual workers do this in Singapore too! I always wonder whether or not people carry cardboard around with them or if they find it and then have a kip? What has taken you to Oman?

  2. romanm says:

    Perhaps they do carry the cardboard as the handbags:-)
    What has taken me to Oman? Adventure…

  3. amelita says:

    I took a similar picture in Istanbul right around the corner of Basilica Cistern! I was envious, they looked peaceful.

  4. heykuhn says:

    Wish I could do that too! But I’d probably get FIRED!

  5. Loved this! Reminded me so much of my time in the Middle East and India. I do recall that they stopped the workers on high rises sleeping near the edges of the buildings to catch the breeze in Dubai – too many rolled over in their sleep and off the building – dreadful. But in the heat of the day…these guys have got it going on!

  6. Oh, and Oman is just the most gorgeous country I have ever been to.

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