Music/Guitar shop in Muscat

For those interested in buying some music instruments,sound system, DJ sets….

I came across this shop in Seeb, just beside Ramez Shopping center  and petrol station. I talked to friendly Filipino shop assistant who is very familiar with various of music instruments and might help you to choose the right guitar…

or fancy drum kit?

for more info contact LUIS tel :244 27 000

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22 Responses to Music/Guitar shop in Muscat

  1. Deborah Hart-Serafini says:

    Does anyone know of any American artists (like painters,etc) living in Oman?
    We are looking for an American to participate in a mural painting. Thanks, Deborah

  2. Cielo Bangit says:

    Randomly found this post. Reading it made me smile when you mentioned that the shop assistant who helped you is a Filipino. Guitar is one of the most commonly played instrument in the Philippines.

    Btw, I am a Filipino 🙂

  3. rushik parmar says:

    boss gt 10 guitar processor available in our shop…if available plz tell me the prize b couse i am instrested as soon as possible.

  4. ecn says:

    Do u have the phone no of the shop

  5. CHRISTIAN says:


  6. Mathieu says:

    Do you have any electro-accoustic or accoustic bass to sale? Thanks in advance, Mathieu

  7. maersky says:

    Christian&Mathieu,please contact Luis,he’s a nice guy and will certainly help you.

  8. Shibu Kurian says:

    Hi There.. Do you have Warwick BC 150 Bass Amp available there ? Or suggest me alternate

  9. Joyotu Sharma says:

    Hi this is Joyotu. I need 1 Boss Metal Zone MT-2. How much price and know me it’s detail plz. I m from Chittagong. Thanks.

  10. ashley says:

    What’s the name of the shop? What’s the time they are open? How much the acoustic guitar is ?

  11. Gee maersky~ hope your getting a finder’s fee ~:-)

  12. ola says:

    boss give your shope

  13. pramod says:

    Do u have a dean guitars?? I checked in website of dean guitars and this store was mentioned….

  14. madeline says:

    Is Luis the Filipino assistant??

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