Kayaking in Seeb

Since I bought sea kayak I have found a new activity I can do in Muscat. I live not far from the sea and kayak is a great way to explore the hidden treasures around beautiful coast of Oman.

AThe area around Seeb market was quit during afternoon. So the adventures could started.



ADoes anybody know what’s the story with this ”ship wreck”? I was told by an omani man fishing in the dock that it happened some time ago and due to bad weather the boat got damaged. Hm, are there any pirates in Seeb?:-)

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5 Responses to Kayaking in Seeb

  1. How interesting about the ship wreck, I’d love to know what happened 🙂

  2. SB says:

    Hi, Do you know of any places in Muscat that rent out sea-kayaks? I’m visiting in a few weeks, and want to spend some time on the water if I can. Thanks!

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