Dresscode policy in LuLu

I admit It was my mistake.I jumped into supermarket dressed just in the shorts and T-shirt.As I did many times before.Now the serious security guy with no compromise followed me to the compartment with diary products and informed me to leave LuLu because I was not dressed accordingly.I didn’t know what’s going on but didn’t want to argue.The guy told me there’s a poster at the entrance door informing about ”dresscode policy”.I didn’t want to write about that,I’m aware of the fact that shorts are not appropriate to be dresssed in Oman and I take as it goes.The end.

Well,let’s take a look at the poster informing the ”dresscode policy”.

dresscode policy in Oman”We request our customers please avoid in decent dress when entering Lulu…..”


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3 Responses to Dresscode policy in LuLu

  1. Pamela says:

    I think more expatriates should try to be more considerate when it comes to dress code. Not only when you are going into the shops.

  2. andydbrown says:

    “avoid in decent clothes” vs “avoid indecent clothes” – The ONLY LITTLE SPACE makes all the difference in the world, haha! 😉

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