The car prices in Oman I

If you wonder what are the current car prices in Oman compared to your home country then you should read this article. I’m planning to write the series of articles about the current prices of the new cars in Oman.

Volkswagen is respectful car manufacturer.Perhaps more popular in Europe than anywhere else,it offers a variety of models available in Oman.

The Polo is the smallest model available in VW in Oman.


4 cylinders,1.6L,106HP,6-speed automatic,15 alloy,ABS,2 airbags,5 years unlimited mileage waranty

price:OMR 7100


2.0L TSI Turbo,210HP,6 speed automatic Tiptronic,18 alloy,ABS,ASP,leather seats,reverse camera,5 years unlimited mileage waranty,

price(tested model):OMR 13950


2.0L,115HP,6 speed automatic Tiptronic,ASR<ASB,6 airbags,5 years unlimited waranty

price(tested model): OMR 8000


3.6L,V6,280HP,8 speed automatic Tiptronic,6 airbags,ABS,ESP,off road/on road mode,4 zone climatronic,cruise control,17 alloy,5 years unlimited warranty

price(tested model): OMR 16900


1.4L,140HP,7 speed automatic,16 alloy,ABS,ESP,5 year unlimited warranty,

price(tested model): OMR 9750

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