Muscat airport parking rates

There is a new update regarding the parking at the Muscat Intl.Airport.

Muscat airport parking

The Airport has a new long term car park which is situated beside the Cargo building. Its called Car Park 4 and you can access it directly from the highway if you turn off at Cargo OR driving past Car Park 2 if you are inside the Airport Perimeter.

And here are new rates:muscat airport rates

It sounds a bit unclear to me but the new rates are as follows:

1-2 days 2 OMR/day

3rd day 3 OMR

4th day 4 OMR

5th day 5 OMR

The car park II(short-term) rates are the same:

0.500 OMR 30 mins

every additional 30 minutes 0.500 OMRMuscat airport parking

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3 Responses to Muscat airport parking rates

  1. prkralex says:

    This airport is a hub for the national carrier Oman Air and is the gateway to Oman, improving connections to international destinations like the Gulf, the Middle East, Europe and the Far East.

  2. Sandeep D Khale says:

    Suppose a passenger leaves his vehicle at ‘parking 4’ on day 1 at 9 pm and collects it on day 4 at 1 am = three days + 4 hours; how much would be the parking charges?

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