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Oman Air launches new flights

Oman Air has announced plans to launch new flight s to Manila/Philippines and Jakarta/Indonesia later this year. This is a great news particularly for Filipino expats who can now enjoy non stop flight to their capital.Oman Air currently doesn’t offer … Continue reading

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Shortcut through the desert

Journey to Al Kamil is monotonous and boring ,I can only see the trees and endless rocky hills along the road.The story  begins  when we leave the village Jaalan Bani Bu Hassan and head for the rocky path leading somewhere … Continue reading

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a fisherman

The beaches in Oman are really unique, surrounded by the stones and the mountains. Some of  them are even accessible only from the sea itself. Sometimes, the fishermen are doing job of travel guides, offering short trips. In many cases this is the only … Continue reading

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A donkey’s life

Everybody has noticed the amount of wild animals gathering around the rounds or just pasturing all around.I can’t stop laughing on the way to Sifah when crossing the small village called Al Khayran and watching all the goats scratching themselves … Continue reading

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Cost of living in Oman

Many people asked me :’How much is this and how much is that in Oman.Is the food expensive?Is is  dearer than in Europe?’   the variety of fruits and vegetables is amazing fancy some dried fish? Get more info about … Continue reading

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